We are having expertise in AI-Driven solution developments and deployments

CamfyVision Innovations is a leading Facial Recognition company and a distinguished Video Analytics Solution. CamfyVision was started in 2018, currently working with few renowned clients. CamfyVision was got selected top 25 AI startups in AI for Goods conducted in 2019. CamfyVision is having 55+ features in Video Analytics supported by AI.

FacEAI-PRO: Facial Recognition

RetailioVision: Retail analytics solution

Tejas: Traffic management solution

ArjunaVision: Intelligent Video Analytics

We are working with Government & Corporate Sector Clients

CamfyVision is providing well-tested intelligent video analytics solutions and products with up to the mark real-world performance while keeping our solutions affordable and easily customizable as per the customer requirements.

We are expert provider of AI-Driven Video Analytics Solutions

CamfyVsion was founded in 2018 to develop products to meet the requirements of the Video Analytics Industry with high-performance solutions. Our team is having extensive experience in research, development, and deployment of AI-driven video analytics solutions. Our solutions are robust and easy to customize as per the customer requirements for Government, Corporate, and Commercials domains.

We believe in intelligent solutions to fulfill customer needs in a cost-effective way.



AI-driven solutions - Face Recognition & ANPR Solution