Bangalore based CamfyVision launched two AI driven products FacEAI-PRO & CamfyANPR

CamfyVision is an Artificial Intelligence driven product-based company proficient to solve extremely complex problems. CamfyVision is working on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning and Computer Vision. CamfyVision team has expertise of product development in this domain with industry experience in India & Abroad.

CamfyVision developed deep learning based FacEAI-PRO: Intelligent Facial Recognition Solution, which is a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Facial Recognition & Analytics solution for schools/pre-schools. FacEAI-PRO is an artificial intelligence based facial recognition and video analytics solution that retains the ability to work on multiple video feeds simultaneously from various cameras. It can detect faces with higher accuracy, track them with an algorithm that is compatible with every IP camera, record entry and exit timings in real time with both indoor and outdoor environments. The software can also generate alarms, reports in real time and needs minimal training to operate. The FacEAI-PRO can also detect motion, camera tampering and identify the age and gender of those in the simultaneous feed and keep a count of them.

Early Days

About Vedpal Singh

Vedpal Singh, Founder of CamfyVision Technologies completed PhD in Computer Vision & Image Processing from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia.  He has completed M.Tech (Computer Science) from Kurukshetra University and B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from Uttar Pradesh Technical University.

How did you come up with the idea of your Startup?

Due to some serious incidents happened in Indian schools made me to think about to develop any possible solution to create a safer environment to avoid any mis happening without human intervention.

We started to research about the possible issues in schools/pre-schools related to child safety. Our thorough research concluded that plenty of incidents are happening on regular basis in India and rest of the world related to sexual harassment, mental abuse, physical abuse, depression and kids’ infighting, murder and many more. That’s when the idea stuck Vedpal and decided to work and solve above-mentioned issues through facial recognition.

What problems are your Startup solving?

We are solving the child safety issues in schools/pre-schools using facial recognition. We have developed an advanced level of facial recognition solution enabled with artificial intelligence and computer vision. Our aim is to empower the security for children.

What is the revenue model of your Startup?

CamfyVision offers customized solution to our esteemed customers. The revenue model is based on annual subscription of software and hardware costing of the product.

Who are your biggest competitors?

Our competitors are Herta Security, FacePRO by Panasonic but our competitive advantage is we have developed a highly precise, faster and accurate patentable algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence.

Vision and Business Market

What is your larger goal or vision?

Our vision is to become the world leader in Facial Recognition Technology within 5 years.


CamfyVision will be, at the global forefront, in providing best of Facial Recognition solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology and offering world class products.

We want to see a global leader in Facial Recognition Technology.

Product Launch

CamfyVision launched its two AI driven products in the market. First, FacEAI-PRO is an advanced Facial Recognition Solution. The FacEAI-PRO has the great capability to be deploy at Airports, Metro stations, Railway stations, Defence, Corporate, Schools/pre-schools, Universities, Bus stands, etc. Second, CamfyANPR is an AI based automated number plate recognition solution. The CamfyANPR has the capability to provide the safety at Vehicle entry locations like Airports, Corporate, Defence, Universities, Apartments, Bus stands, etc.

Company Culture

Our team is the brain and heart for CamfyVision. We have highly qualified individuals who are smart, capable IT experts, aligned with our values and objectives; we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners.

At the time of hiring we seek for positive attitude and strong technical skills.

Did you receive any Awards and Recognition? Tell us about the competition and your success.

Yes. We have been recognized by DERBI Foundation, Amrita TBI, DIIP Certification, KBITS Certification. In addition, we got selected in top 25 AI startups in 2019.

“AI for Good” program initiated by The Centre of Excellence for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, an initiative of the Government of Karnataka and NASSCOM. “AI for Good” program conceptualized to identify intelligent solutions that address key issues in areas of public importance for better governance, risk management and sustainable development.

‘AI for Good’ initiative. Applications were invited from Indian Citizens, Companies, Institutions, Academia of all sizes, registered across India, for use of AI to solve public issues across the fields of agriculture, education, healthcare, traffic, transportation & safety, governance and service delivery and public utilities. The AI for Good program received close to 200 submissions from 155 companies including startups and some of the biggest names in the industry. Among the top 25 shortlisted companies, 10 companies across the six domains were chosen as winners who was recognized as innovators impacting society, with an opportunity for scaling up and funding.



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