COVID19: Could this pandemic have enhanced the need for facial recognition based attendance?


CamfyVision Innovations is at the forefront of developing AI and Computer Vision-driven facial recognition solutions and poised to take on the demand for AI-driven attendance tracking following concerns over biometric attendance after COVID19. The company has also launched a new solution called CoronaFind that uses AI to track infected patients.

When a friend approached Vedpal Singh to develop a solution that could address unseen & unreported incidents in boarding schools, he thought facial recognition aided by AI was the best bet. That was two years ago. Today, he looks poised to take on the new wave of opportunities that will likely present themselves after the lockdown period ends in India, and companies begin to resume work per usual. But one thing will likely change, and probably stay changed for a long time to come – biometric attendance tracking.

COVID19 hit us in full force by early March. Based on news reports and findings by researchers, it became evident that this virus can spread and multiply rapidly in many ways. While it is relatively simpler to isolate infected individuals, the worldwide fight against COVID19 became a notch tougher due to this virus’ adaptability to fomites.

Fomites is an inanimate object which, if exposed to or contaminated with a virus, could become a carrier and transfer disease to a new host. There is a very high likelihood of COVID19 having spread so rapidly across the world due to fomites, which necessitated the use of sanitisers and to wash hands vigourously upon touching foreign surfaces. Already, the central government has issued a Personnel Ministry order, exempting all employees from marking their attendance using biometric scanner and urging them to manually register attendance.

It’s only a matter of time that this become the new norm, and Vedpal Singh is prepared.

The founder CEO of CamfyVision Innovations has developed the FacEAI-PRO, a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Facial Recognition based Touch-Free Attendance Solution. Singh discusses the technology and its deep relevance in today’s times.

What is CamfyVision Innovations about?

I started the company in 2018, with the aim of using Artificial Intelligence and computer vision to address complex challenges. We work on a range of emerging technologies to hone our expertise in facial recognition, which can be applied to a range of industries like transportation, automotive, retail, banking, sports, and education.

How critical is AI in your product development?

Though we are computer vision experts, we require datasets and AI to improve product efficacy. About 70% of our work involves working with AI, mainly to fine tune our offerings and test accuracy. 

What are the different AI offerings you have?

We have a variety of AI-Driven solutions specific to every market or industry. FacEAI-PRO, which is an intelligent facial recognition solution; BhavnaAI, an intelligent emotion analytics solution for the Cinema industry; ArjunaVision is a video analytics solution for surveillance sector; IryaVision, which is an automated and intelligent parking management software; Tejas, is an advanced traffic management system; RetailioVision is a retail customer insights solution to enhance the profitability and to mitigate any in-store violence or theft; VisioAjax is a driver management system for secure driving using AI and CellDefect-AI is an AI driven software for solar cell defect analysis for solar industry automation to reduce the manpower and enhance the efficiency, and ivmANPR is an automatic number plate recognition software.

In addition, we are working on the development of AI-based detection solution of Coronavirus infected people. This solution is called CoronaFind.

How do you think FacEAI-PRO could be a game changer in tracking employee attendance?

FacEAI-PRO is an Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning based facial recognition and video analytics solution that retains the ability to work on multiple video feeds simultaneously from various IP cameras. It can detect faces with accuracy higher than 99.5%, up to a distance of 25 feet, track that is compatible with every IP camera, record entry and exit timings in real time with both indoor and outdoor environments. The solution can also generate alarms, reports in real time and needs minimal training to operate. FacEAI-PRO can also detect motion, camera tampering and identify the age and gender of those in the simultaneous feeds and keep a count of them. We filed a patent for this solution about 7 months ago.

Explain the product’s key features

  • FacEAI-PRO has some unique and distinctive operational features that set it apart from its competitors:
  • Face Capture – This feature captures faces fast and accurately in multiple live video streams
  • Face Detection – This detects faces fast and accurately in multiple live video streams
  • Face Tracking – This allows rapid & accurate tracking of faces in multiple live video streams.
  • Real-Time Face Recognition – This allows for rapid identification of faces from multiple video streams.
  • Face Count – This feature allows you to count faces fast and accurately in multiple live video streams
  • Face Frequency – This identifies frequency of faces from multiple video streams
  • Multiple IP Camera Processing – This software can track feeds from multiple IP cameras at once, and is especially useful in large complexes and office spaces with multiple entry and exit points.

Particularly, a feature that makes this solution unique is the ability to scan Indian skin tones. Most facial recognition software are trained on datasets that are imported from another geography. This product is specifically built to suit the range of skin tones commonly seen in India.

Additionally, FacEAI-PRO can handle and manage multiple camera streams per server without compromising speed or accuracy. The software also generates daily, weekly or monthly attendance reports. Should an organization wish to add a person to a blacklist or a watchlist, this solution has a provision for the same with an alert facility to the security management system. 

Do you think this product will be in demand?

This is definitely a useful software for specific industry sectors like retail and surveillance. But COVID19 has unwittingly created opportunities for technology solution providers like me and my team. The utility and safety of a comprehensive facial recognition software like FacEAI-PRO is all the more relevant now. As we slowly come out of this situation, I foresee a slow but certain change in the way employee attendance will be tracked by organisations. Even now, several small size companies utilize a pen and a log book, most others use biometric scanners. After COVID19, there will be a great deal of caution exercised by companies on such practices. This is where we feel we are best equipped to deal with a high volume of requests.

How does the solution work on existing systems?

It’s a simple installer software. All one has to do is plug in the software, install and run it, while connecting it to a setup’s existing IP camera network.

Has any company expressed interest in installing this solution post COVID19?

Yes, Tata Projects is working on a site outside of Mumbai. They mostly employ local workers, who conventionally use a log book and pen to mark their attendance. With growing concerns over the spread of COVID19 through surfaces, the management decided to use our FacEAI-PRO solution to log in employee attendance. In Bangalore, we’re already working with the local police authorities to enhance city surveillance and criminal identification efforts to maintain law and order – the same features can also be explored for COVID19 cases too.



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