BhavnaAI is a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Emotion Analytics solution for Retail sector. BhavnaAI brings emotional intelligence to the digital world, transforming not only how humans interact with technology, but especially how humans interact with each other. This is emotion-aware computing. This is an artificial intelligence coming to life. In any business, it is important to know how customers truly feel about your services and products, because that is what really makes the difference. Sales figures, surveys, social media posts, ratings may help you get a general idea about customer views but it does not provide the finer, granular insights regarding what goes unsaid. This is where emotion analysis comes in handy. Here, the facial expressions are analyzed to interpret the emotional state of an individual or group. BhavnaAI technology goes a step beyond facial recognition and sentiment analysis to provide deeper insights about what customers are truly feeling at a given point of time.


BhavnaAI is an Emotional Analytics Solution with major features, which are quite beneficial in the Cinema industry such as Movie-wise Analytics, Footfall Analysis, Gender Analysis, Age Analysis, Emotion Quotient score, Dwell time estimation, People tracking / Person density estimation, Alert and Notifications

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