Touch-less attendance and access control is very much required to stop the spreading of coronavirus. FacEAI-PRO is a high-performance, scalable, ready-to-deploy Facial Recognition & Analytics solution Touch-less attendance and access control solution. FacEAI-PRO is artificial intelligence, deep learning-based facial recognition and video analytics software that retains the ability to work on multiple videos feeds simultaneously from various cameras. It can detect faces with accuracy higher than 99%, track them with an algorithm that is compatible with every IP camera, record entry, and exit timings in real-time with both indoor and outdoor environments. The software can also generate alarms, reports in real-time, and needs minimal training to operate. FacEAI-PRO can also detect motion, camera tampering and identify the age and gender of those in the simultaneous feed and keep a count of them.


Touch-less Facial Recognition Attendance & Access Control Solution to Fight against COVID19

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