Smart City is no longer a pipe-dream thing, it is now a possible reality. Today, it has become an increasingly prevalent concept across metropolises around the world. A smart city is just about the use of cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), renewable energy, smart sensors, and more. As more cities are faced with challenges from traffic congestion to crimes due to rapid urbanization, the city municipality is turning to smart technologies to overcome these challenges. In this way, video analytics comes as a hand in hand solution.

Video Analytics is generally aimed at providing enhanced security as well as operational efficiency, which are key objectives for municipal administrators as they look to provide a more secure and liveable environment for inhabitants. 

CamfyVision’s Intelligent Smart city solutions having great functionalities like ANPR, Traffic management, Parking detection, Illegal parking detection, Vehicle counting, Vehicle speed estimation, Vehicle entry-exit management, Vehicle classification, Pedestrian Detection, Red Light Violation detection, and many more.



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